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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Avoiding a Full-Blown Pity Party

It took me way too long to learn that the best response to being stressed out—which can too often lead to a full-blown pity party—is to be grateful. Yes, we can acknowledge how crappy we feel, how much anxiety we’re carting around—but we just can’t take up residence there.

At least for too long.

And so, instead, we turn our attention from what’s not working in our lives to what is. That for me is the definition of being grateful. When I can do that, I realize that the more I practice being grateful, the more I actually feel grateful.

Which is a much more comfortable—and calm—place to live.  Psych 101 stuff: you can’t be anxious and calm at the same time.

In these past few weeks of apartment hunting, I’ve managed to accumulate much stress and anxiety. I’ve seen so many truly crappy places at such mind-boggling rents. And some—the two-room studios in Lincoln Square for $1,000/month—I couldn’t even bring myself to look at. Because why??

But back to the gratitude. 

Check this weekend for that nice long list, which, I hope, will include a detailed description of my lovely new apartment.

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