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Saturday, October 8, 2016

On Moving, Moving On

A pre-move gratitude list inevitably leads to a post-move one.

And so sitting here in my new place a week following my move, I am happy to list what I am truly grateful from the actual day, a day--from this vantage point--that feels more dream than reality:

--my wonderful movers who showed up 30 minutes late, allowing me to actually have everything packed;

--friend Helen who helped me move the fragile stuff in her car;

--my new landlord who met me at 8:30 am on moving day with the keys to the apartment;

--my former landlord who showed up late to get the keys to my old apartment, allowing me to finish cleaning the place for the new tenants;

--cell phones.

And finally, a new neighbor, who I met while going back and forth between the old and new apartments. Turns out, he is a former colleague from my adjunct days at DePaul. He made my heart sing with his enthusiastic welcome.

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