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Saturday, March 12, 2016

A B&B Brief: “Using the Arts to Promote Healthy Aging”

First, with thanks to Lisa G. for sending me this recent New York Times article by Jane Brody.

And second, no one who knows the work I do—as a writer and a teacher—will be surprised that she did. Here’s just one excerpt that supports the general importance of using the arts to help us tell our stories [emphasis mine]:

“The arts open people up, giving them new vehicles for self-expression, a chance to tell their stories,” Ms. Tursini [director of Arts for the Aging in Rockville, MD] said. “The programs capitalize on assets that remain, not on what’s been lost.”

No matter where you are along the Boomer/Beyonder continuum, I hope when you read the article that you discover many good role models to inspire you, men and women who are pursuing their own “healthy” aging through the arts.

And a suggestion: once you click on the link, do these two things:

1.  Click on the “Do Not Go Gently” link within the piece; it’ll take you to a three-minute youtube excerpt of that film, where you can hear Dr. Gene Cohen describe the essential importance of the human imagination.

2. If you scroll through the Comments section, you might come across a gem or two as I did, including this one:

“As Dr. Cohen frequently stressed, imagination and creative expression are fundamental to human development at any age. We know that "play" is an essential developmental activity for children. And, we are also realizing that the developmental process continues throughout life. I believe that creativity and artistic exploration are essential forms of "adult play" that serve to keep our brains healthy and further the developmental intelligence of our mature minds.”
                                                                        Michael C. Patterson

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