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Monday, February 3, 2014

Going Gray Gracefully

I like this essay about going gray for several reasons:

1.  The author, Leah Rozen, refers to herself at one point as “an obvious incipient geezer.”  I’m glad to see another writer use what I’ve come to call the “G” word with such obvious humor and affection.

2.  Like me, she resists dyeing her hair because it’s so expensive, and she’s cheap.

Coloring your hair is expensive. It was costing me north of $800 annually to tint my tresses at my neighborhood Manhattan hair salon. For that amount, I can jet round-trip twice, albeit in coach, to visit Los Angeles, where I proudly fly my freak flag as the only nonblonde of practically any race or age in the entire city.

3.  The author makes the connection between growing old gracefully and going gray naturally:

My final reason, and the clincher, was my mother. She had long advocated for growing old gracefully, by which she meant not indulging in any fashion trend when it came around for a second time (like bell bottoms and platform shoes), not wearing your skirts too short once your knees capitulated to gravity, and not dyeing your hair.

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