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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get Happy, Age Better

Here’s another of these “Duh” studies, but worth repeating, I think.

Of the “8 Things That Make Or Break Your Happiness”--from a AARP survey--I find two really interesting:  Accomplishment and Meaning & Engagement.

Which translates to me as:  continue to actively create your life.  And one of the best ways to consciously do that is through journal writing.  

So several days a week, you get up, get your coffee, sit down, open your journal, and write your way into the day: 

What do you want this day to look like?  Be specific. 

What activities will be most rewarding?  Be specific.

Who do you want to see/be in touch with? 

Today, what will contribute most to your physical, creative, and emotional/spiritual well-being?  
Be specific. 

After all, each of us is in charge of our own happiness.  Keeping a personal journal reminds us of that.

People Who Enjoy Life Actually Age Better, Study Shows

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